Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pretty Stool

Yet another Yard Sale buy... I know it- I am like a vulture. I will straight up do an illegal "u-ie" in the middle of the road to go back and look at something... {a little red-neck- yes, I know... I think it is genetics!} But I am totally safe about it.... I bought this stool when I bought the chair ( 2 posts ago). It was already white but needed some serious paint. It had a seriously 1992-ish cover on the seat. It was "country blue" and super dirty... $1.50 and I was the proud new owner of a super ugly stool that needed some paint BADLY! I was already headed to the fabric store for the chair- no luck for the chair, but this is what I found for the stool... It looks perfect on my up-stairs hall way wall!

Of course I used spray paint. I how I love thee..... spray paint! Is there a club for spray paint lovers?
Do not worry, the wall is getting some more love when I have the money and the time....

Mason thinks it is a time-out stool. He has been putting himself in time out lately. Too cute-I am so sure that will not last long!


  1. It turned out great! Love the white and black. And what a bargain! I'm all over that!

    I am looking forward to getting some projects done now that the kids will be in school as of tomorrow! I'm so doing the happy dance. I have much to catch up on.


  2. LOVE IT, Leslee!

    One cheap way you could add more love to the wall is to colour-lock it. Paint a big rectangle, starting at the baseboards, up and surrounding the photographs, leaving maybe 8" on either side. Box it all in with a bold colour.

    Have fun! You've been doing soooo well with your hard work!

  3. Great job on the stool!! It looks so much better than it's original state! I'm so jealous of your craftiness!

  4. I love it! You seriously need to help me with my house!!

  5. I LOVE SPRAY PAINT! I want to paint EVERYTHING!! I had no idea we had the same disorder. I paintanything I can get my hands on. You should see the old bunk beds of Luke's we just pulled out of storage (for Liam to use), they are solid wood, but are extremly out dated. Really, not sure of the best way to bring these back to life?? I need to take picture's and get some opinions.

  6. Love it! Where am I when you are out swooping in on all of the yard sales? I'm a little offended that you're hiding things from me now. :o)


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