Tuesday, November 11, 2008


The Story behind it all.... Saturday we were at the store picking up a few things. Mason was walking along and I was right behind him, I had my hand placed right around his shoulder/ neck region guiding him along. We were looking at something and I was rubbing the back of his little head, he has the softest hair... Suddenly, I felt a knot right where his head and neck meet... I was panicking on the inside, I calmly walked over to Curt and showed him and we decided that first thing Monday we would get him in to see the doc. I think I am a little more paranoid sometimes because I am on the Internet so much and always reading very sad stories... All weekend I as praying so hard for my little bug, never letting on that I was a nervous wreck. The chances that it was a lymph node were BIG, but when I called the doctor to look for answers he said it could be "other" things too. I am no moron, I know what "other" things are...

We went to the doctor, I had been so nervous all day on Monday until I walked through those doors, a peace flew over me like a fresh warm blanket. I felt in my heart that everything was fine... I wish this feeling would have come much earlier in the weekend as I had downed half a bottle of tums since Saturday! The doctor examened Mason and said that it was in fact a lymph node. No worries.... Whew!

Rule of thumb: if you feel a lump under the skin and it stays put when you try and feel it, that is a big deal. If it rolls around under the skin, not so much a big deal.

Thanks for your prayers and your thoughts and your support!


  1. Omigawd, Leslee - we have BOTH been living the same worry this week: Swollen Lymph glands in toddlers! ACK! We saw Doc today. All is good. Pretty stressful, though. Glad to hear Mason is okay.

  2. OH Leslee, I wish you had asked me! Matt used to get them all the time! Next time girl, don't hold it all in, chances are someone else has already been through it too and can atleast help put you at ease until you see the Dr.

  3. How scary! I'm glad he's fine, what a stressful weekend. :)

  4. You see - this is why blogs rock. We all learned something today (about lymph nodes none-the-less) and many had been praying for Mason. Glad he's just fine.

  5. OH so scary for you, but I am so glad he is ok. Keep counting your many blessings, right?

  6. Oh man...you had me worried!! I do not like this blog, but I do like that Mason is okay!! SHHEEEWWW.


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