Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Me Monday....

I am definitely not trying to recover from a long weekend without any rest...

I am surely not happy to be back at work just to be away from the mess that my house is...

My sweet hubby did not leave a dead fish in the fish tank for 2 days and then make me try and feel bad about it... {for the record: I hate the fish, never liked them, tried several time to keep the darn tank clean only to wash my hands of it a year or so ago... I have too many other things to keep clean!}

I am not stressing about Mason's doctor's appointment later today... I will keep you posted with more details later...

Now, I definitely do not need to be doing the huge mounds of work that is NOT piled high on my desk....

Off to start a fabulous week....

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  1. Ok, Curtis needs a serious time out for that fish fiasco! Major party foul! Ha! Ha!

  2. Maybe you should serve him the dead fish for dinner tonight....oh honey!

  3. Oh - don't you LOVE Mondays that start off like that?! Ugh. Hope the dr. appt goes well.

  4. Hi! found you via MckMama, keep on playing the Not Me game, it is fun! Have a good week!

  5. I love reading the No me Mondays! Hope you can catch up on everything. Good luck!

  6. I don't have ANY paperwork piled up at home OR at work! ;)


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