Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Well, today has been a poop-y day at the Phillips household. Not a gloomy day, just a literal poop-y day! We are trying to potty train Mason and let me tell ya, it is interesting!

This morning, I was running late so I put Mason in the tub while I showered, I did not want him running all over the house unsupervised. He played well in the tub so I continued to fix my hair and make-up. I was in the bedroom (just around the corner) and I heard, "I pee, Mommy, I pee..." This made me nervous, not because he peed, I really want him to learn that. It made me nervous because he has it all mixed up (Pee= poop) & (poop= pee) . Yea, you can see now why I was nervous. I slowly made my way over to the tub to see what he was talking about. The closer I got the more evident it was that I was going to have to go on poop-patrol. He was looking down at the water and saying, "yook, its peeee, Mom-mom!" Oh Buddy, was it ever... I do not know how little kids make such HUGE "pee"! Bless his heart, I quickly asked him if he wanted to finish on the potty... He looked at me and said, "sucker, please!" He never finished on the potty, but it was a milestone because he went poop outside of his diaper. He has never done this, he is pretty much scared of poo-ing on the potty, not sure why, he pees just fine.

This afternoon when I returned home from work, I went to check on Mason (who was napping- like usual) in his room. He was not there, so I looked in on Curt sleeping and Mason was right beside him. I thought awww, they are napping together. Then I decided to go and make Mason's bed. I do not know what it is but I cannot stand an un-made bed. Then I saw it... Dang, can a Momma catch a break? Not that I had not already dealt with poop this morning, but now it was smeared all over his bed. How in the heck did this happen? I cannot wait to ask Curt when he wakes up to go to work, "what in the heck happened today?" My thoughts are that he was so excited to poop out of his diaper that when he was in his bed, supposed to be napping, that he took the diaper off to give it another try... Those are just my thoughts though...
Ps- Can someone please tell me, "Do raisins have ANY nutritional value if they come out looking the same way they went in?" I do not think he even chews the darn things... Ahhh, the lovely life of being a MOM!
Have a nice night.


  1. You really just made me laugh! Thanks, I needed that. Good luck with the potty training - we aren't there yet!

  2. Oh NO!! I know I shouldn't laugh but your raisin comment cracks me up! I hope the potty training gets a little better.
    I bought Corbin a Bjorn potty chair and put it in the living room on a towel of course and let him watch his shows, he did thing 1 and 2 without thinking about it. Ahhh potty training....good times.. ;)

    GOOD LUCK!!!

  3. I wish I could have been a fly on your wall! Haha! Well you know all of our Poop-scapades in my house, thankfully all of that mess is over. I have never had such a hard time potty training as I did with Alex. So I feel ya!

    So I'm curious, what did Curtis say about the smeared poop?

  4. Ahhh, this post gave me a chuckle. I know soooo well the mayham that can happen in the bath. hahaha..
    Like you said... the lovely life of being a mom ;).

  5. Oh my - I have totally been there with the smeared poop, so I feel your pain! Yuck!! And raisins - yes, they show up just like corn :-)


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