Monday, November 17, 2008

{eye candy}

I love the Lula Smith Collection. You must go and check out her BLOG to see what she is all about. Here is a sneaky-peaky for you to drool over.....

{This one is on my list}


{Amy Butler, need I say more?}

What a great Christmas present??? You can also have them monogrammed.... Man, what next? I have so much on my list now. Yes, I know- how vein of me to put stuff from my list on here... Lets just say, I do not even care... I think I need this because when I decide I am going to be a real cook, I want to do it in style... REAL STYLE!


  1. Love the one you have on your list. It was fun meeting her this weekend and so glad we did! She has the cutest stuff. Let me know if Curt needs a little nudge. Ha!

  2. Those are some dang cute aprons!

  3. Cute, cute, cute... Random questions... Who designed your kiki & lele logo? And do you have a buisness license?

  4. I LOVE the Amy Butler print. Love it.

  5. I totally want an apron! I've been looking at tons - great post!


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