Thursday, November 20, 2008


It may not be odd to you, but it is to me... Mason is bathing in the morning.... I winder what he has gotten himself into that he needs a bath in the morning???


I ran downstairs for 2 seconds, literally to lay something on the couch and then run back up stairs...

I came back up to find Mason in the laundry room with my fabric softener. The lid was off and he was trying to pour it into the dispenser... Before I could say, "Noooooo...." there was orange Snuggle all over him and the floor and all over him.... Why me? Oh well, I tried not to laugh, but as soon as he realized he made a mess he started saying, "I hop uuuu." Translation, " I help you!" He wanted so bad to be a helper. It is really partly my fault, when i am doing laundry, I always let him pour it in so he can help me!!!

Sweet little bug, he just wanted to help....

I could not take a picture of the disaster area because some really mean clothes fairies came last night and destroyed the laundry room, there is clothes piled all over the room...

Look at that face, the sweet innocent guilty look I get almost every single day!

This is a video of Mason last night riding his bike... He put that blanket on all by himself... He is so funny... Check out his mad skills on the tri-cycle!


  1. He's too cute!!!!! Those rosy cheeks are sweet!

  2. Oh my goodness. What a sweet little helper. Isn't it wonderful when they help and make our current work tenfold more?! *LOL*

  3. So so cute! He is growing up so fast. He has a real boy look now- all tall and slender like. No cheeks like a baby... is that ok if its just a little sad when they are boys not babys anymore???

  4. Too cute. I am such a sucker for redheads!

    Isn't it hard to be upset with them when they are just trying to "hup uuu"?!

  5. Oh that's precious....and boy is he QUICK!!


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