Monday, November 17, 2008

Not Me Monday

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I am defiantly NOT at work today, and since I am NOT here, I am NOT wishing to be at home with my sweet hubbie and my little Mason....
Since I am telling you "NOT" things, I have defiantly NOT been yearning, dreaming, wanting a baby girl so badly (*We are not trying for a baby, It just me, I am the crazy one). Last week while I was not staying up very late every night making baby girl hair bows for a Kiki & Lele event Saturday. My husband did NOT catch my very hormonal self crying while wrapping ribbon around a clip. He did NOT look at me like I was crazy. I told him why I had the tears.... I looked at me and said.... "That is why you are crying, hair bows made you cry about wanting a baby girl....?" Surely he did NOT get the silent treatment for about 3 hours....
Hair Bows
Crazy Crying Lady with a hot glue gun


  1. Oh goodness Leslie, I thought I saw a button glued to the top of Curtis' head.

    It'll come, it'll come. And then you'll be like me and have a dozen kids.

  2. Oh that is just too stinkin' funny. Hubbys just don't GET our hormones....nor do they really understand our desires to have kids...even though we throw up for the 10 months prior to having them. We forget about all that stuff. They don't. :-) Too funny.

  3. Men just don't understand! My hubby puts his foot in his mouth on many occasions!

    (put the glue gun down and step away from that ribbon!)

  4. oh my gosh! (i just commented on your 'dear 2 year old' post and then i saw this!) we're totally in the opposite boat~ i have a little girl and i am yearning for a little boy. like, reallllly badly. :)

    and you had every right to cry. i cried at a jon and kate plus 8 commercial the other day. b/c they have little boys and little girls... hehehehe horomones!!


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