Friday, November 21, 2008

Dear 2 Year Old Helper...

Mommy is so glad that you are in your helpful phase. Although, sometimes you exhaust her with your lovely ideas of help... Sometimes it is so hard to keep up with your excitement and zeal for laundry and dishes... If you could just remember a few things, it might really help me out...

Please remember that Mommy needs to help you when you decided it is a good idea to use the fabric softener all by your self... That bottle is pretty heavy.

Also, that when you take Mommy's "Coco" off of the coffee table and throw it into the sink to "clean it", think about letting Mommy help you.... Glass flies at a pretty fast rate out of a sink when a toddler throws it as hard as he can...

If you could next time, please do not give the remote a bath...

Also, keep in mind that motorcycles do not wash so well in the washer machine... Ask Mommy next time and I will wash it in the sink for you...

And since you know how to open the doors now, if you would not mind telling me the next time you decide that it is time for Gabby to go potty out the front door.... It is a good thing she is a good dog and always comes home.... (for the record, I was washing dishes in the kitchen and never heard him open the glass door... I am going to have to get some sort of alarm for that thing)

Like I said, I am so glad that you are helpful to me and I always welcome your thoughtfulness. I love you and cannot wait for the next funny thing you do....

Love Always,


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  1. HI! here from SITS. this is precious. my 2 year old tries to help me too. :) while it's cute... it is very much like how you describe it. kudos on this awesome post. :) i will be back to visit you again! cheers!

  2. Watch out, before you know it that little helper will be a teenager and you'll be begging for help:)
    Cute post!

  3. What a sweet little letter. Your site is darling. I am new to SITS and this letter writing;) I love it!

  4. Cute! They are so cute at that stage!

  5. This is so precious. I got a very vivid mental picture of him tossing the glass at the sink. Made me smile. :)

  6. our little kids are geniuses that's for sure! Little Einstein they are :)
    Happy link up friday sis.

  7. Little buddy. I think it will be great when the "help" is ACTUAL help! Brian is counting down the days until he doesn't have to take out the gargabe or mow the lawn. And yes - I remind him it will be at least another 5 years.

  8. I confess I giggled all the way through.
    My two year olds are exactly the same ...
    they love to help and I love them helping NOT.



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