Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Few Highlights From Halloween 08

Basically, Mason was the cutest Bat Man ever... He ran through the streets of Kacey & Brian's neighborhood protecting all form goblins and ghouls... I have never laughed so hard as I did when Mason just took off running. There was a point when Curt had to put Mason on his shoulders. Neither one of us had the strength to catch him any longer... On Daddy's shoulders was the best place to be...

Mason tried unsuccessfully to enter several houses... People would open the door and he would just walk right in... Maybe he was checking the houses for bad guys.
Here he is being very sad about not being able to run the streets as fast as his little legs would take him...

In action... Soooo fast...

Just starting out to trick-or-treat. Literally seconds before he took off to rid the streets of crime...

This, is Ben... One of Mason's little buddies. Not sure why he was on the floor, but he was a pretty cute Dino.

The clan. They all sat so still for the pictures. Every single year we put them all on a couch and take pictures. Each one of them is looking at a different camera. But look, Mason is smiling at his Mommies camera... That is HUGE!

Before the tricks and treats all of the kids had a pic-nick on the floor. It was Mason's first ever and I must say, he did great!

Miss Lilly, the most adorable Kittie.

Ruby Jane & Lincoln just being cute little kiddos...

Here is the sweet little Dino with a face shot, getting prepped by his Mama for the big occasion.

Bat Man always says, "Be safe, wear your helmet"

I hope you had the Happiest Halloween ever. Ours get better every year, and I hope yours do too!


  1. Alex was so disappointed when we skipped your house trick or treating.

    But looks like you guys had so much fun anyways!

  2. How cute!! Love all the pictures! Looks like he had a great time.
    I think your hair looks cute too by the way. :)

  3. What a bunch of cute kiddos! It looks like they had a blast! How fun!

  4. SO cute! Looks like it was a great Halloween for you guys. Glad Mason did so well! Next year will be even better...

  5. awesome pictures - look like little man had a great time!!!

  6. That is one CUTE Batman. My Thing 2 is a Batman addict, he would have loved that costume!!!


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