Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Weekend Wedding

Congratulations Chris and Rachel Wilkerson
We went to Chris and Rachel's wedding on Saturday! It was very beautiful. Rachel was a beautiful bride and Chris was a handsome groom. We had a great time. Curt was in the wedding and Mason wanted to be. Right after the service stared he started yelling, "Da, Da!" I had to take him out to the hallway to run and play. Then he realized that DADA was behind the doors and before I knew it, he was banging on the door yelling DADA!! It was embarrassing, but what can you say, he is a baby! I did make him stop... Most of the pictures are from afterwards right before they made there great EXIT when everyone was decorating the car. Well, it was a FABULOUS time and thank you to Rachel and Chris for allowing us to be a part of your day we wish only the best for your future. Learning from the pros! Here he is quietly soaking up all the knowledge he is learning from the car decorating pros!
And... here he is applying the knowledge! PS- my son is very tall. Those pants, while a tad bit long, are 2T's! He is only 14 months old!
Learning from the best
In the background you can see Curt trying to figure out what to do with the petroleum jelly he wiped all over the door handles. I think that is super mean..... But everyone else thought it was quite funny! And what do I know about car decorating???
Yes, there it it caught RED handed.
Silly string! I must say, he is quite a STUD! I love this man so much!
And one little adorable one to finish things up with! Here is the apple of my eye! I love this look on his face, priceless!

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