Thursday, November 29, 2007

"Oh, Lord, I think it is closed!!!"

This is what I thought as Kacey and I drove up to the door at the coffee house last night to have our "girls night." The lights were off and the chairs on top of the tables. This seemed very weird for a coffee shop that was very much alive just two weeks ago, on our very first girls night out. I got out of the car and walked to the door- "Thank you for your support, Cocca Moca is now closed." "What, seriously?" I looked further to see that everything was off of the walls and the cute draperies we taken off of the windows. I looked back at Kacey and said,"they really are closed- for good." Sadness. I thought there must be some mistake. Us Moms who rarely ever venture out with out babies and husbands in tow have been looking towards this since the end of our last meeting two weeks ago. So, we scurried up some strength and went to Starbucks... I know if you live in another town Starbucks is most likely awesome. But not in Murfreesboro, it is like the local college club. I have not even been in one in a very long time, just to the drive thru- i still love the coffee. After driving over, we went in to meet Shelly who was saving our table- good thing because every tween and very young adult from 15 to 20 was in there working on their end of semester school projects. It felt nothing like a coffee shop, and especially not like the quite serene one we went to last meeting with 20- 30 somethings quietly working on there personal business sipping on coffee. It was loud, the music festive, but too loud- not very coffee shop-ish at all. Oh well, we thought. We are going to make the best of our time. I did just what i said I would do, i listened. And boy was it nice. I got to spend some time with Shelly, which I have not ever gotten to do. We have merely only chatted in passing at toddler parties and Halloween parties. So, that was very fun and exciting. So, we did what we do and we sipped away on our coffee's and we chatted chat amongst ourselves and it was fun.

Thanks ladies for amusing me over some coffee for an hour or so last night. It was fun and I cannot wait until next time.

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