Wednesday, November 7, 2007

New Facts about Masaon

  1. He continues to amaze me every single day with his intelligence and his charm.
  2. He now has 8 teeth, which he hates to have brushed. We have tried everything from vibrating tooth brushes to the yummy tasting toothpaste.
  3. He can run now! Well, he thinks he can at least. He has had a few crash landings, but he is learning.
  4. He loves Gabby, they are the best of friends. It is too fun to watch them together, they chase each other around the down stairs. When Mason is eating, he never forgets to share a couple of bites with Gabby. She is always thankful for this so she never forgets to lick him clean when he gets out of the highchair. They are definitely a team!
  5. Mason calls both Curt and I, "Da Da!" I have tried so hard for my much deserved, "Ma Ma." But nevertheless, he insists my name is still "Da Da!" He has said "Ma Ma" many times over, but he has never called me this, he only says it randomly.
  6. He can now successfully open any door knob, which is very scary.
  7. His vocabulary is up to several words now. He can say, Dada, Mama, go, no no, out, cracker (kakar). gaga (gabby), see, and we are working on thank you. I am not sure how many words a baby at 13 months should be saying, but I do not care. I think he is a pure genius.
  8. He loves bath time more than any child I have ever seen. He now takes baths in our bath tub in the master suite. It is much bigger and he has plenty of room to play. He also loves bubbles. He had his first bubble bath last weekend, Curt brought home some hypo-allergenic, unscented Mr. Bubble. That was so thoughtful because Mason has extremely sensitive skin. Anyways, back on track... Mason loved the bubble bath. He was completely amazed. He ate some, inhaled some and even got some in his nose. It was so funny! He kept picking them up with his hands and I would blow them off, he thought that was hilarious. That is how he came to inhale them. He has blow and suck mixed up so he inhaled instead of exhaled...
  9. He loves eggs. They are his most favorite food. We have them almost every morning. He likes just a bit of cheese on them and he just devourers them. He almost has the whole fork thing down pat. I have not turned him loose with a plate or bowl of his own too many times yet, he is pretty sure they only belong in the floor.
  10. He loves the out doors. He is completely obsessed with rocks. I am thinking Geologist???

Well, these are a collection on some of my new favorite things Mason has been doing. I seem to never have time to sit down and write fun stuff like this anymore. I also did this mostly for my record so I could look back in a year or so and see just how small he was and be amazed at how far he has come.

Oh, just another side note... I was getting pj's out of the closet tonight and I ran across a sock that Mason wore when he was 3 or 4 months old. I think I almost cried. It was so small when I put it next to its much BIGGER cousin that Mason is wearing now... He is growing so fast and I am so happy, but sometimes I think it might be a bit bitter-sweet. Before I know it, he will be asking me to drop him off beside the mall because he will not want his friends to see him with his un-cool Mom. I am going to enjoy every single second that I have with this sweet little angel that God has placed in mine and Curt's life.

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