Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Birthday, Amanda!!!

Amanda's Christmas present. I know she was a lot more excited that she looked.
I think Amanda has the other half of these pictures. I am pretty sure they were taken in the "Fun Tunnel!!" Correct me if I am wrong!
This picture was taken the summer before High School. That was a FUN summer.

Amanda and I were best friends growing up. We shared many great years together running back and forth across the street to each others houses. Life growing up was always fun but she made it that much more fun. When she found out she was moving we ran away to a big pine tree down the street and hid in it. It is actually all quite comical now how dramatic we were about the whole situation. Oh, well, we had great times. I wanted to put some pictures up that I found over the holiday at my parents house. I hope she is not too mad at me for posting these, they are just too much fun! Happy late Birthday Amanda, I hope you had a great one! Thanks for the memories you left me with. I am still bringing Mason to see you in the Spring, can't wait! I love you!


  1. Wow, that is only slightly embarrassing! We did have some great times though. Thanks for the memories!!

  2. Isn't she the best?! I love the pics--I'm a huge fan of childhood memory pictures!


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