Thursday, November 8, 2007

Missing My Family

Curt and I are extremely big on our family time together and with Mason. This week has been extremely crazy. Curt has been working a ton of overtime and I have been working my normal hours. But since he has been working so much, I have seen him for only about 30 minutes in the past 4 days. I know he is exhausted from all of this, I just really miss him and I know Mason does too. I added up the time that I get with Mason on a weekly basis today and it astounded me. I currently work 40-45 hours a week. Mason normally wakes up about 30 minutes before I go to work, so we will count that as 2.5 hours a week for the morning. After I get home since the time has changed I am getting about 1.5-2 hours each night if I am lucky. So we will count that as 10 hours each week for the night time. And I would count 12 hours each weekend day and that makes 24 for the weekend. So, all together, I am getting about 24.5 hours a week with my child, give or take some. That is only him, that has nothing to do with my time with Curt or all of our time together. I am just wandering when our lives will ever slow down- most likely never. I will say one thing though, it makes me value every single second of ever day that I have with them. God gave me an awesome husband and son and I just want more TIME! Wow, it seems like TIME is all I ever talk about... I guess that is because it means so much to me.

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  1. I can only imagine how hard it is for you to be away so much. Just hang in there... it won't be forever right? And there are many other mothers in your shoes. Just know that you are still a fantastic mom and Mason loves you tons. :)


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