Thursday, November 1, 2007

Haloween 2007

My little Pirate
Are they not adorable.
Mason, go this way......
Check out the slobber on the lapel of the jacket...
The old ladies house that called mason the "G" word!

We went to Brant and Michelle's for their annual Halloween Party. It was a blast this year. All of the kiddo's were old enough to go trick-or-treating and the weather permitted us to go as well. Mason thought it was a horrible thing to get dressed up. He did not really want to cooperate to get the costume on, so we did it one piece at a time. It took about 30 minutes in all but I did not want my kid to be the only one screaming the whole night. Mason did not actually trick-or-treat. We do not need the extra candy at our house, so we just walked around with the other trickers... The one house Mason actually walked up to was this nice old lady who was the very first person to ever call mason a GIRL! She did it like 3 times. I thought Curt was going to die. I just kept smiling, and she game Mason twizler, the only thing I would let him have. When we walked away Curt vowed to cut Mason's curls... I hope he does not cut them then he will look bald. He does not have much hair anyways. But really, a girl??? Was she serious??? Oh, well. I guess that means he is a very pretty baby, which I already knew! Okay, so here are some pics from our ever fun night at the Powell's house. Thanks Brant and Michelle for a great time! A few of the pics are blurry, but it is so hard to catch that little guy on camera now, he has his own agenda now that he is walking and all!!!!

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