Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Micro-Managing is NOT me!

So, my manager is out of the office for the next two weeks. I am next in command so that puts me under a lot of FIRE! We are also a leasing manager short, so that sucks! We have a leasing professional that is currently driving me crazy. She is the type of worker that needs to be micro-managed. I am NOT a micro-manager. I am the type of manager that thinks that if you're well trained, then you should know what your daily duties are- and she is well trained! But she keeps coming to my office. It seems like every time I am in the middle of something important, she comes in to ask or tell me something! AHHHH. I am not meaning like a few times, I mean like 3-4 times per hour. What is up with that? It is not like she has not been doing this job for the past 7 months. SERIOUSLY! I do not know what to tell her? It is only day three of the next two weeks. All I can say is thanks GOD I only have to work 3 days next week!

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  1. Umm.... not sure what to tell you! Good luck with that. :)


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