Friday, November 9, 2007

Going Green- I promise I am not a HIPPIE!

OK, so I am pretty sappy when it comes to Mason or any kid at that. I was watching television last night and there is a new commercial about going green and the fact that all of the damage we are doing will not affect our generation, it will affect our children. The commercial is a train heading straight for a man and he is telling about all of the horrible things we are doing to our earth, then he steps out of the way and there is a little girl in front of the train. The point of it all is that she will be affected, our generation of children, not us and we are lucky for that, but what about our children?

So, I am on a new crusade... The Phillips house hold is going GREEN, one step at a time. I know I cannot change the world with this little campaign, but I know that I will at least be able to influence a few people and they will carry that on to other people. The biggest reason that I am doing this is for Mason, I want to influence him as he grows to know that we have to take care of what we have, because this is all we got.

So every now and then as I learn new things about going Green, I will make a post about what I have found. I am going to need a little time to do some research.

First way to go GREEN.

Moving your thermostat down two degrees in the winter and up to degrees in the summer saves 2,000 pounds of CO2. Plus, this will also save you some $$$green$$$ in the process... So, try it with us for a month and see how it benefits you, it surely will benefit "Mother Earth" if you do!


  1. I totally agree with going green! I try so hard to watch the little things like recyclying, turning off the water when brushing, turn off lights, etc.... I can't wait to hear all that you learn!! Yay, I'm proud of you!!

  2. Well, I am sort of a hippie...Love this! Even if we all just changed ONE light bulb it would make a huge difference. Great job Leslee!


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