Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Word Of The Day

I thought I might try something new and post a word for the day. I searched on the Internet for "word of the day," and I found, plenitude.

plenitude • \PLEN-uh-tood\ • noun
1 : the quality or state of being full : completeness
*2 : a great sufficiency : abundance

I thought that this word fit how I felt today for many reasons.
1. I just ate a cinnamon roll- I feel very (full) and guilty...
2. Curt and Mason make my life complete. I cannot even begin to explain how my life has taken on a new roll. Mommy is the best job God could have ever given me and Wife is the best job that I could have ever found.
3. I also have an abundance of friends. Not like you would think of in High School where you want everyone to be your friend, and if they are not, you feel unpopular. In the way that all of the friends that I have are wonderful and each and every one of the fill a piece of my heart. No two are alike and for this I am grateful.

So, here is to my cinnamon roll, Curt and Mason, and my many different friends; all of which fill my life with plenitude each and every day! I love you all, and that means you too cinnamon roll!!!


  1. Sorry to be a compulsive "commenter," but this was too cute! I love it! I'm craving a cinnamon roll now...yum!

  2. Great post. You are just too clever... That is what happens when you have a baby- you just know it all! Love you and I am happy to be in your abundance of friends!


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