Friday, August 31, 2007

Just for FUN!!!!!!

OK, so this may be a bit brave of me since I am about to get married and I have been getting a ton of new cool stuff. But I just wanted to put this on here so my special someone could see that I LOVE IT!!!!! Brighton Jewelry is one of my favorites, that is coming in second behind Tiffany!!! I normally get to score several pieces and maybe even a handbag for holidays, anniversaries, or my B-Day!!!
Ladies, make a comment and let me know if you like it.... I think I really love it because it has a place for me to keep my 2 favorite boys right next to my heart!!!!
One more thing... These two brands are the only two that have withstood the test of Mason, he has yet to break one Brighton necklace or my only Tiffany's necklace!


  1. I've never had anything Brighton, but it looks nice. I'm not really into pearls, but it totally looks like you! And nothing is better than silver. :)

  2. I dig it. It's a timeless piece with a litte bit of fun added with the dangling pearls. I really like that you can put both of your sweet guys in it too.

  3. It's different but cute. HOpe you get it!!!


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