Monday, August 6, 2007

More Wedding Pictures

This would have been a great one.... Mason really loved my flowers!
My Nanna sent me these pictures. I do not think Curt thought I would see him giving Mason Sun Drop (which has tons of caffiene...) Oh well, I guess a little will not hurt him. Mason can be pretty purswasive when he really wants something. He talked me into some sweet tea later that night at the reception. In the background that is my Pa Bill, Mason's Great Grand Pa... They are both red head's, well, Pa used to be a red head.
Katie and her fiance' Jeremy holding their Sun Drop about to walk to the reception.
Nice, Katie...
This is the flower girl, Anna. She is Aunt Karen and Uncle Dave's youngest daughter. She is so beautiful and full of life. I think there were as many pictures of her as there were of the bride. She had wings like a little angel, so ADORABLE> She told me after to wedding that when she walked down the aisle with the ring bearer, she "felt like she was getting married..." I thought that was so cute. She just turned 4 years old a little bit ago!

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  1. If you will look closer, Curt is not giving Mason Sundrop. It may be Nonnie's bottle and arm in the picture.


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