Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Cook Out at The Randolph's!

The kiddo's just hanging out trying to get some action from the dogs at Kacey and Brian's house.
Mason was chilling with this walking toy and Ryder decided he was not doing it right. Here is a shot of Ryder showing Mason how to work it!!!
This is sweet Lilly and me. She has such beautiful eyes, and she is pretty good at hanging in there with the boys. Good thing Ruby is on the way to help her out.
"Boys will be boys!" This is Michelle breaking up a little brawl that the boys were having. They are so funny. They just get in there and go for it!
I had to put this one in here. This is a picture of Ben at my shower and he is "Riding a Bull!" From what Michelle says, Ben is obsessed with bull riding. I happen to think this is absolutely adorable! I think Michelle was a bit embarrassed at the fact that Ben was riding a bull in my living room at my wedding shower. But I thought it was adorable and super funny! It does not get much better than this!
We had a cook out at the Randolph house. It was a ton of FUN! Shelly and Keith came and brought Lilly, Michelle and Brandt came and brought Ben, The Phillips Family was there and of course, the hosts' of the Party; Brain, Kasey, Ryder, and soon to be Ruby and Lincoln! This was a great time and we cannot wait to to it again! Thansk guys for such a super time.

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  1. Ok, speaking of wedding showers- are you registered? Anything you need/want?


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