Thursday, August 9, 2007

37 Days Left to go....

I am going crazy with wedding planning. I really love it though. It will be one of the most wonderful days of mine and Curt's lives (besides the birth of Mason.) I am running around crazy trying to get everything done. Curt is in training in Atlanta right now, so there is not really much he could help with... So, it is all me! I am doing just fine though, I just keep on truckin'. The only problem would be, every time I think I am almost done, there is something else that pops into my head that I remember to do. I hope that stops soon, I might go crazy if it doesn't. All of this might be fun and enjoyable if I was not such a procrastinator... That is what I get, I guess... Only 37 days left until the big day. I did not realize it was that soon, that is another one of my problems- NO concept of TIME!!!!

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  1. Okay, so your wedding must be the one that Amanda is going to in September! I'm Amy, Amanda's sis. in law. She's great, huh? I love your blog...the kiddos are adorable!


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