Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The CrAzY Adventures of CMP!

I was about to do the dishes, I had just opened the dishwasher door and my cell phone rang! I hate that thing, but for some reason I just cannot let it ring. So, I ran to the living room to answer it! Mason was crawling around in the kitchen floor playing with Pots and Pans- I let him do that when I am working in the kitchen. It keeps him occupied and also lets me keep an eye on him.
Back to the point--- I guess I did not realize how fast he was. I pretty much went into the living room, grabbed the phone and headed right back for the kitchen to finish working on the dishes. Well, when I rounded the corner, Mason was sitting on the door of the dishwasher unloading dishes for me. Thankfully there was nothing sharp on the bottom rack! I thought this was pretty funny so I grabbed my camera, sitting on the kitchen table and took a few shots. Mason is always finding new stuff to get into and I normally never have a camera around, but this time I was lucky! I know he just wants to help Mommy with housework, but next time, I will definitely close the door before turning my head!!! It could have been dangerous, but other than that, it made for some CUTE pictures!


  1. This is a random question: I love your new template and I think I'm going to switch mine to the B/W swirls one. If I do that, will I lose all my sidebar items? I'm worried that I will. Also, I want to put a picture in my banner like yours, but when I try it ends up huge. Let me know how to do it...mine is SUPER boring right now in the middle of transitioning.

  2. How cute! What a little turkey he is- can't WAIT to meet him!!! Only 2 more wks... are you ready?!?!?!?!

  3. Thanks for being willing to help me! I just have an office job so I took all day to figure it out. haha... I'm finally happy with it. Thanks!


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