Thursday, January 22, 2009

PSF- A Nice Surprise... Snow.

PhotoStory Friday
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We went away for the weekend last weekend to Curt's Mammies new cabin. The day we got there it was 50 degrees, the next morning we woke up to a ton of "white stuff"! It was beautiful and most likely was the most snow that the 3 of us will see all year... Tennessee is not to BIG on snow, I wish we were, but it rarely happens. So, to my friends in the North, I envy you... I love snow.

We tried to use a garbage can lid for a sled, it did not work, but Mason thought it was fun.

Learning how to snow balls, he learned from his Daddy- the master of throwing snowballs.

Trying to get a family picture... Trying is the KEY word!

Here he is, the Master himself.... I made him take this shot for "my blog"... Don't laugh you know you also spend your days thinking of blog-tastick posts...

Preparing the snowballs... You gotta work them and pat them down if they are going to sting your wife when you hit her in the bum....


  1. What's attacking his head?

    As for the snow -- after January first, you can have it all!


  2. Those are GREAT pictures!! We have lots and lots and lots of snow we could lend you :-)

  3. well at least hubbie looks in good spirits - love the hat!
    AND if you ever want to swap houses in the winter - I'm game - we have TONS of snow!!

  4. I just came over from Kasey's site and can't wait to read some more. Your family is darling and it looks like you have a great time.

  5. I want snow! But we don't get snow too often in Arkansas either.

    Oh well...I can dream!

  6. Looks like so much fun....and not TOO cold. :)

  7. You're crazy. Okay wait. I love snow too....but only for about 3 weeks. I'm good now. It can all melt and go away. Ishda.

  8. Great pics! Looks like they had a blast!

  9. Is that my cat on Curtis's head? LOL!

  10. Beautiful pictures. I love snow too, but only for a couple of days. We don't get it here in Alabama either. Have a great weekend.

  11. Oh how I miss sleigh riding! The best sleds were those red plastic ones. Great pics girl!!!!!

  12. Fun pictures! Someone somewhere NEEDS to enjoy the snow! :P
    Actually I don't mind snow, it's the bitter cold that we get that I HATE!

  13. What fun pics!! Looks like you guys had a blast. I wish I could give you all of our's fun for about a month. ;)
    Loving all your cute stuff in your shop!


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