Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Family Night 101

If you have small children, you know that it is hard to find "kid-friendly" places to eat and enjoy a meal... Since I am not really a cook, we eat out a lot... Since we have a 2 year old, we are always looking for places where we will not cause a scene.... Even though most times there is nothing you can do about that....

We had some of this at a pizza joint down the road, Mellow Mushroom...
They have a big bus (used to be real) and I asked if we could eat in there, it is normally reserved for large parties, but sine we ate at 4:30 and we were the only people in the restaurant, they let us....

Mason had a blast driving, shifting gears and opening and shutting the windows... And no one seemed to mind.

It made for one happy Daddy


One happy Mommy!

What more could we ask for???
I did not even have to clean up....
Please read below, there is so much to catch up on... Nap time lasted longer than I thought....


  1. Looks like the pizza's good too! :)

    THe burp clothes are amazing.....

    I've never heard of snickers salad, but it looks delicious.....definitely a must try.

    AND lastly, love the numb face! :)

  2. Yay for family night! An ENJOYABLE family to boot. Nothing beter, really. I love that you brought your camera along.

    Boy, I have a lot of catching up to do. You've been busy!

  3. oh now that looks like the place to be

  4. Mason looks so big in that picture driving the bus! I think it is time for a new little one, don't ya think?!?

  5. Okay, that has got to be THE coolest restaurant ever. I want to eat on a bus...
    Looks like fun. And you, of course, look great.

    Ps. I enjoyed the rant. Really. I did. It made me laugh and I was very disgusted with her behavior. :)


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