Sunday, January 11, 2009


The time has come, another year behind me and my life continues to get better and better. God continues to bless me, show me his humor and shower me with people who love and care about me. I have a wonderful husband, a beautiful son and I still cannot believe that I live the life I have been dreaming of forever. I do not know what 2009 holds for me, only the {BIG GUY} could know that, but I am eager to get started and see what is down the road ahead....

Curtis and I got a weekend to ourselves, Mason stayed with my parents and we went out on a date for the whole day... First we ate at the Hard Rock in down town Nashville, and then we had desert at the Melting Pot {delish...}. Then we came home and went out to the movies and saw "Seven Pounds". Let me say, that movie changed me, it changed how I think about other people and myself. I would spend the money to go out to the theater and see it 100 more times if I had it... Go and see it, you will not be disappointed. I must say, the first half of the movie is slow and I found myself thinking "It has to get good soon, and what the heck is this movie about anyways???"

Today my family is coming over to have dinner at my house. It is a family tradition since I was a child that we got to pick our B-day dinner and my Mom would cook whatever we wanted... This year, I said I wanted a surprise, so we shall see what she whips up... Sure to be good- yummmm.

Gotta run, I am going to plop on the couch and enjoy the rest of nap time and the rest of my Birthday Weekend!

Happy Birthday to me, to me.....

See ya next week!


  1. Happy Birthday! Most of my favorite people are born in January! :)

  2. Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!! Sorry I had my head buried in the sand this weekend! I'm so glad you & Curtis had some time together and your Mom made you a yummy meal. WOOHOO!


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