Tuesday, March 10, 2009

{when I grow up...}

I want to be just like my daddy...

This just melts my heart...

When Curt brought his swat gear home, Mason was all over it... He could not resist tearing everything out of the bag and trying it on... I cannot believe I actually got him to be still so I could get a picture of the helmet...

Head on over to Angie's Circus and see what everyone else has to share on this lovely Wednesday...

Please go on over to my friend Kacey's blog. She is hosting a really great blog carnival once a month to honor Tuesday Whitt... Kacey decided to start this blog carnival when she needed a way to channel her anger and greif into positive energy... Please check it out... You will want to participate. It is all too often we are hearing about bad things happening to good people... Be the person that makes something good happen to someone who needs it...

If you have been looking for special gift for someone that is light on your purse or wallet... Head on over to my jewelry blog... I participated in SITS Spring Fling today and now I am "thankfully" super busy! Ahh, the life...

What are you thankful for?

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  1. I really love the photos. Like father like son. Congrats on being busy. I have always loved your work.

  2. Did you get a ton of orders? I hope so! Kasey's Happy Hearts "campaign" is wonderful. I LOVE the picture of daddy and son, too!

  3. My son loves dressing up like Daddy! Very cute little guy!

  4. What adorable boys you have!!! Love that dad is a great example to his son!!

  5. Look at the little booger! You know Mason loves him some Daddy! You definately need a little girl so you can have a "Mommy's girl"

  6. Its so sweet when the boys want to be like daddy!

  7. I love little man pictures!!

  8. ur dudes are so great!!! and thanks for the PHH shout out! yeah!

  9. Those pictures are just wonderful!


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