Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How I'm Feeling & Updates

I have been asked a lot lately, "How am I feeling?" Honestly, I could not feel better. This pregnancy has really taken me for a loop. With Mason I was able to lay around, go to the pool and just relax and rest... But this time is so different... Of course I have a 2 year old to chase, and chores seem to pile up faster than ever before... Do not get me wrong, I love my many blessings- I am just trying to take it all in stride.

I have stopped taking my medication and the only time I get sick is when I let hunger creep in... So, I constantly have a small grocery store in my purse. This pregnancy I am craving mostly fruits and veggies. Which is a blessing, because with Mason I craved everything from Outback's Blooming Onions to Krispy Kream's hot off the press donuts... I have a feeling this one is a girl. Just that feeling that Mom's get... I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure I am right. With Mason I wanted it to be a girl, but secretly knew all along I had a sweet baby boy on board.

Signs that "butter bean" might be a girl
- Fast heart rate. It's heart rate is still in the range of 170bpm, at least it was the last time I was at the doc's office 2 weeks ago.
- Sweet cravings... Little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice...
- Before I even got pregnant I was swooning over every single little hair bow I saw, sweet little baby girl I saw and anything pink... I am thinking this might have been a sign of what was to come... Either that or God has a sick sense of humor...
- Mason says he is having a sister... He has no clue the difference between a sister or a brother, but he says it all of the time... But he also thinks the baby is growing in his belly...

Ok, now I must say that if this sweet stow- away is a boy, I would be just as proud and in love. I would love for my complete little family of 4 to be full of rowdy boys... Curt would love it too... Plus, being the only girl and the Mom, I am sure I would get plenty of love being surrounded by 3 boys all of the time... (selfish, yes...)

I have a super cute video that I took of Mason yesterday when we went to the park, but I will have to post it later.

Mason has fully transitioned into his big boy room. All I have to do is move the clothes from one closet to the other. That will have to wait for about 2 more weeks so I can have a yard sale... Since his new room was the old play room, his new closet is packed full of stuff we do not want anymore, that need to be sent to Good Will or our drive way for the Yard Sale vultures to pick over. We do have some pretty good stuff, so if you are around (not this weekend, but next) come over and pick through our junk...

I will post some pictures of the "new" big boy room next week...

PS- Please cast your vote on your favorite baby names (top left corner)... You can choose more than one. I set it up that way so you can choose you favorite boy and girl name... I have one of each that is my favorite, but I still gotta get Curt's approval... The day before we found out what Mason was, we knew exactly what the name would be if it was a girl or a boy.. I hope we can do that this time... We shall see..


  1. It is so crazy to see "177 Days To Go." That seems like nothing! Can't wait to find out who baby is. Ruby Jane and I are keeping our pink fingers crossed but Ryder and Linc sure would love another boy to tackle too! :D

  2. i can't believe mason is in his big boy room...and you are so stinking cute i can't stand it!

    i'm pulling for a girl, but i thought both of my babies born in my belly, i was sure they were boys....not a good judge!

  3. Oh how fun!! I definitely cast my vote. I love that you have your names picked out ahead of time. Me...well you know how good we were at that! Here's to all things pink for you, but if it is a boy-- two boys are SUCH a blast!!

    ps You are the cutest prego person, I am sure!


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