Thursday, March 5, 2009

{crafty outlets}

Before I got sick, I got crafty... Please do not enlarge the pics, my sewing is far less than perfect...
But, crafting makes me feel good. I love to make gifts for people...

I love the time that it takes to put something special together for someone I know, someone I love...

Does making special things for special people make you happy? What do you make?


  1. I really love the polka dot one with the flower. Too cute!

  2. i love crafting...and it's a great relaxer for me too. weird..but true. making a bday princess hat for a friends kiddo today...i love crafty!

  3. I love that you have a crafty outlet- I really need one. And you are so good at everything you try, I really am jealous. The burp cloths look great!

  4. Um. I don't make anything - but I think what YOU make, rocks. Those are adorable and a fantastic idea!


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