Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Updates & Things...

First and foremost Curt's Mammie is on the mend. She is home resting and taking her medications. All I have to say is that lady has a very strong will and she is a very smooth talker... She charmed that doc right into releasing her from the hospital and the whole time she was smiling and trying to work her magic... Well, I guess it worked. She is home and resting- she got her way!

Secondly, have you voted on the baby names yet? I keep joking with Curt that we are going to let my blog readers choose the name of the baby ( I might not be joking...crazy hormones can make you do crazy things like letting strangers pick your baby names)... In 4 weeks or so we will know what "it" is and I will change so you can vote on either boy or girl names. I do afterall get the final say in this baby name because he pretty much picked Mason's name on his own and I said when we had the next/ last baby that I was picking the name... SO, VOTE! Please, my kids name depends on it... HaHa.

Lastly, I am feeling great. I am finally understanding why I have so many written records and pictures of my pregnancy with Mason- I had bucket loads of time. This time, I can hardly keep up with how pregnant I am. If it were not for that little counter on my side bar I would not know what to do. Having a 2 year old while you are pregnant definitely changes the game. But I would not have it any other way. Last time when I was pregnant with Mason, I was bored. Bored like I scrubbed the base boards of the house several time and I did lots of other random chores that I no longer have too much time for. I can say that having a 2 year old helper has been a BLAST! Mason and his dump truck helped me clean the carpet this morning with my lotion... That was nice, huh? Good thing it was not rubbed in too deep.

Today I am counting my many blessings. I have been realizing lately that you can never have too many of those. My little sister Katie has reminded me that there is always a silver lining. You may have to take some extra time to find it, but it is there... Oh, how I wish I lived in the same town as her. She is such a blessing and now that we are older we are so close. I hate that we spent so many years fighting over petty stuff. But I guess that is what makes me love/ appreciate her that much more...


  1. Oh hugs Leslee! There IS always a silver lining to every cloud. It's called hope, and without hope where would we be? Right? And anyway, if you ever get too bummed, just come to my house and feel sorry for me and then you'll feel better about yourself, lol!

  2. I'm so glad things are on the up & up!! And I have voted on your baby name and I still think that Anna Claire is a FABULOUS name!! :) No pressure..


  3. Ok, so how about some preggo pictures?! I'm loving ALL your name options. We loved Claire when we were thinking of names but I couldn't think of a middle name that fit it well. Hope you're feeling great! It will be over in a flash. :)

  4. I voted for Nolan because it's my husbands name and I love it!

    I was great visiting with you yesterday! Thanks for listening to my questions and stuff!

  5. I'm so glad Mason is being a little helper. Ryder & Linc cleaned some things in Ry's room with lotion yesterday. It was FABULOUS.


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