Monday, March 23, 2009

Mason and I had a swinging good time at the park last week. This is the video that I told you about last week. He loves his little Strider Bike, it is just perfect for him and he is pretty much a king at riding it, and he lets us know that he needs NO assistance... He has had a few crashes, but we call them "battle scars" and he thinks they are pretty cool. You know he likes you if he shows you a skint up knee and tells you its a "baaaatle car!"

Side note: If you are noticing the bike has no pedals, there is a perfectly good explanation for it... This bike was designed to help kids learn how to ride a bike and balance before throwing in the pedals... It works well for Mason and he seems to do really well.. You can see in the video that he is "pretend" jumping over things...

Also, please keep praying for MckMama and her sweet baby son, Stellan. They are in a very dark hour right now and need your paryers, they really do... My heart always breaks when something sad happens in "blogland" but when it is someones blog that I read daily, I feel like I know them (sounds crazy, I know). I must say that I shed several tears this morning reading what has transpired for the past few days in the MckFamily. I cried because they thought this was behind them, I cried because this is a sweet baby boy who deserves to be healed, I cried because I have a sweet boy of my own and I would literally fall to pieces if something happened to him, and I cried because being a Mom, being a parent is literally the scariest thing I have ever done... Please also visit Bring on the Rain to see the post she made. She posted some scriptures that moved me.

Dear Lord,

Please be with this family, please be their comfort in this time of need. Lord, please let your will be done. Please heal little Stellan like you have before. Lord, please use little Stellan (and his very strong family) to show others the light of your word and how you can heal all- fix all.


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  1. hey girlie...praying for stellan. have been all day.

    and that little peanut is too much!!! sooooo cute!


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