Thursday, March 26, 2009

Curt's Mammie is in the hospital. She has had some dizzy spells and other stuff going on. We said a prayer for her last night when Mason went to bed. Mason said, "Doctor going to fix Mammie?" We assured him that she will be fixed in a jiffy! He was fine with that and off the sleep he went.
So, even though you do not know our sweet Mammie, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers...
Mammie is always bucket loads of fun... Here she is crawling after Mason in our grass on our front lawn... He had not learned to walk yet!
Here we are out to eat... Mason was most likely throwing a tantrum, or she just wanted to entertain him... It worked for me too, I think this picture is hilarious... Mammie has so much spunk and such a funny side.


  1. praying for you all...what a fun lady!

  2. I hate this for you guys! I'll say a prayer for you!

    I am wanting to get a necklace for a friend, should I go over to your other site? let me know.

    and what exactly is twitter and how does it work?

  3. Mammie is such fun! We enjoyed her this past summer when she was visiting.

    We'll add her to our prayer list.


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