Thursday, October 2, 2008

1 Week

It has been a whole week since I last posted... We have had so much going on and I will most likely not even get around to a new post this week... I know, you really miss me. I am fun and I just cannot help it! Ha!

Here is what we have been up to!
1. Planning Mason's 2nd Birthday Party (10/4)
2. Mason was sick with a virus Sunday night, Monday and Tuesday.
3. Trying to keep the house clean & sanitize!
4. Getting the B-day invitations out... They were a bit late, but last year I did not even send them out...
5. Stressing over the fact that I am a horrible party planner.
6. Riding bikes with Mason
7. Just living life and trying to do it to the fullest!

{* If you are a regular reader or you are just stopping in, do not give up on me! I will be back, and I have lots to share!}


  1. You crack me up. Yes - you are a horrible party PLANNER, BUT you throw a GREAT party! Ha! Ha! That is what counts - the end result. The kids will have fun - even f you did nothing because they just enjoy playing together. Don't stress my dear. We will all have a great time celebrating little MayMay growing up too fast!

  2. Number 7 in conjunction with everything else WILL keep you busy. Will be looking for updates! :)

  3. I just try to survive life I don't even have time to enjoy it with so many kids :(

    But I suppose I can come back and see what's new when you get a chance to post, LOL!

    I can't wait til Mason's birthday, we got him something he's going to love! Don't worry, it's not another toy!

  4. You are a busy, busy Mamma!! I hope the party goes well- I'm sure it well. You are a fabulous party planner!!


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