Friday, October 10, 2008

{Kiki & Lele}

To those of you who may not know , I am one of the proud owners of Kiki & Lele, the other being my fabulous partner, Kacey. We specialize in making personalized, hand-stamped jewelry.

You can head on over to our blog and see what we have been up to lately, if you like... Ahem... Hint, hint!

Kiki and Lele Boutique Hand-crafted Jewelry

Also, do not forget to check THIS out. We are participating in Christmas @ The Gift Closet... Shopping on-line is so much better for so many reasons... Start early and then you will not feel so overwhelmed on December 20- that is when I start my shopping!

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  1. Thanks for the happy blog thoughts! I will be checking out your jewelry for sure


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