Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lets talk about {*me*}

Ok, so lately I have been super stressed. I have a lot going on {life in general} is super crazy. The business is super busy, which is great, but still very busy. Mason is {2} so there is not much more I can say about that. He says {no} to everything and basically just acts like a 2 year old. He does not stress me out, but sometimes things he does {for example: open the fridge and pull out the pink lemon aide and give Gabby a "dink"} stresses me waaay out. He did help me clean it up- so that is pretty good.... Right? I have to remember he is {2}. Tonight I totally laughed to myself about this little incident. When I went to check on him and saw his sweet little sleeping face, I realized that it did not matter.

Sometimes it just feels like I need a break...... But when does a Mommy take a break? Is there such a thing when you are a Mommy? I have started to do things lately that I have been neglecting {little things} that take hardly no time at all, but the results are so rewarding... I am realizing that I cannot keep a perfectly clean house 100% of the time, have a happy child 100% of the time and make fabulous meals 100% of the time.... I need to break the cycle in my head that makes me think I have to be all of these things all of the time and start getting back to me.

So, you ask, "What have I done for me...?"
*I painted my toenails. {which hardly ever happens... unless it is summer and then I have someone else do it... It felt so good to do it myself...}
*I made some new stuff... (more on this later)
*When I was at the gym, I totally took my time- this never happens I am always so worried about getting done super fast- I must say that it felt pretty good... Mason did not even know I was gone and extra 15 minutes.
* Started reading a {great} book, The Shack.
*Made this post about "What am I gonna do for me..."

Well, that is it so far, I am still thinking on what else I can do for ME! If you have ideas, I would love to hear them. It is so hard when you are stretching yourself in so many directions to even think of 5 things...

PS- if you even say 1 hour massage or pedicure or go shopping, I just might hunt you down........ Get creative, I really want to hear it-

"What do you do for yourself?"


  1. What do I do for me????? Hmmmm that's a good one. This is going to sound dumb but I love going to the store ALONE and giving myself french tips while watching my TV shows at night. Yeah having typed it out it all sounds pretty lame, but when your the mom of 5 it's the little things....


    Ps. Great post, we all needed this.

  2. I also have an almost 2year old-she turns 2 in december-and it is extremly difficult to find time for "me" I work full-time and do not work out so there goes that time. I sometimes secretly hate my husband for his 40 minute commute to work ALL BY HIMSELF! I don't really have any suggestions because I would try them myself, but just know that you are not alone! It gets difficult for all of us! (Mommyhood is not all shits and giggles. TEE HEE)

  3. I take a nice hot bath by myself, until Alex finds me and crawls in the tub with me and I have to turn on the cold water to cool it down. Umm.. I would take long walks by myself, but I can't get away from any kids, they hunt me down. I would go out to dinner with girlfriends, but I don't really have any because I have too many kids to have a social life.

    Eww, this was a bummer comment post from me, sorry!

  4. What a great post and what a great reminder. I think for us all to be better mommies we have to be better to least occaisionally!!

  5. I so feel ya sister. I think I need to take me on a long vacation!

  6. Mine's not too creative. But sometimes going on a nice long drive with loud music on does it for me! Especially this time of year when its a bit cold and the leaves are beautiful. But the windows down a little, get a hot cup of coffee/apple cider and just drive a little with some great music! ...

  7. I'm terrible about this......but, I say hire a babysitter for a few hours and just go do anything. Anything alone. I'd go to the library or a book store. :) This balance thing is tough! :)

  8. Oh geesh...sorry, but I'm fresh out of thing for ME time...I have a 2 AND 3 year old. Is there really such a thing as ME time?! Yikes. Let me know. I'm having ME time right now while blogging, does that count? Laundry needs to be done and the counter is a mess...and I'm blogging. That counts in my book :-)

  9. You are right - more needs to be done so we don't lose ourselves in the MOM of us! I forget about ME all the time and only focus on MOM

  10. Not often enough, but I DO take the occasional girls night out. Even if its I just leave Jon with the kids so I can meet a friend for dessert after the kids are in bed its totally worth it. It helps.

    Good luck. I wish I could say that the stress goes away when the kids get older, but it doesn't. It just changes. But I KNOW you will get through it all with flying colors!!

  11. This is going to sound selfish, but I have a lot of "me time." It will slow down once Baby gets here, but for now, here are my ideas: I go to the gym every morning. While I'm there I watch the Today show and Rachael Ray. In the evenings, while James is studying, I usually curl up on the couch and read books and write in my journal. Sometimes just turning up my music and dancing around is fun, or going for a drive up the canyon is great too. And you'll hunt me down for this one..i LoVe going to get pedicures. :)

  12. I wish I had miracle words to offer you. And just remember that NO ONE is a perfect mom 100% of the time. Whoever is giving you that illusion is LYING!

    I enjoy reading at night, its great downtime, and me time. And I try to turn off the tv more, it seems to help. I hope that you are able to find something that helps keeps the stress down.

    Remember that its ok and perfectly normal to ask for help! I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who are more than willing to help you. :)

  13. Wow, I hear you! I have a two year old too, and some days he drives me NUTS. He can be so stubborn.

    What do I do for me? I try to squeeze in a little exercise.. I take a shower and fix my hair... I blog while my kids nap. It's so hard sometimes though. Hang in there!

  14. I feel this post. If only I could implement it I would probably be a much better Momma, but remember who you are. What do you enjoy doing? Find those things and make the time. I love sewing and crafting. Last weekend my husband gave me pretty much the entire day Saturday to go to the office and work on whatever I wanted to do. I made my daughter a coat and two pairs of pants and my son two pairs of pants. The rest of the weekend was fabulous. I wasn't all stressed out. I was actually fun to be around and the Husband noticed. I'm not saying it's possible every weekend, but what about once a month, just a nice break to do what YOU enjoy. That's lovely. Good luck finding something to give you that mental (and physical) recharge that we moms need. :)

  15. You shouldn't have asked. I go to the bathroom all by myself! I'm terrible at this. Blogging is about it, but when I'm getting all stressed out, I try to get some time alone to just relax and thing about what can I just let go, and what do I need to do most.


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