Thursday, October 2, 2008

Double Fister.

Mr. Mason Bug was sick Sunday night, Monday and Tuesday. He is all better now, but let me tell you he was down for the count. Bless his little heart, he really did not feel well.

Sunday Night Curt and I headed out to town to run and pick something up, by the time we go to our destination and unbuckled Mason from his seat, he was pretty warm. We went in did what we had to do and on the way out Mason said, "I Baby!" Which normally means he wants to be the baby and be loved on. I knew then that we were in for a treat... By the time we got home and got some Tylenol in him he was feeling yucky. He did not want to go to bed, he only wanted to be the baby... So, I did what any great Mom would do, I took him into our room, rocked him and watched Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters.... I love those shows and I love to take care of my sick little man, I am such a multi-tasker! Make sure you nominate me for "Mom of the Year 2008!"

I stayed home from work on Monday and worked on getting Mason better and I sanitized my house... Having a sick person in the home makes me clean like a mad woman. Mason only wanted to watch DVD's all day long. He sat in the chair and when one would go off he would tell me the name of the next one he wanted to watch...

So glad that he is better, here are some pictures from the ordeal.

Watching DD's {DVD'S}
He had his Pedia Lite in one hand and water in the other hand. If you asked him what he had he would have said "juke, waner." He insisted on having the water, I guess the fever made him thirsty.


  1. Poor you guys. I'm so glad he is better now. Having a sick boy is NO fun! Hopefully the rest of you won't catch it, now. Glad you got in some snuggles, though!

  2. Poor Mason. I don't like it when my babies get sick, you never know what they want!

    So glad he's feeling better. He's got to be ready to party on Saturday!


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