Thursday, October 9, 2008

Baby Room Make Over

Now that Mason is big and he is in a big boy bed {we took the side off of the crib.} I am really wanting to re-do his room, take it from baby to big boy! I am not too into themes, but I really love this bedding from The Company Store. It is a little pricey, but I think it will look great! Plus, Mason loves all things "2 wheels" or anything with wheels for that matter. I also have a great plan to make a head board for his bed, I just have to throw it into action. There are also some pretty inexpensive retro looking motorcycles that I would like to use for decoration from our Hobby Lobby!

Tell me what you think, I like it, but I am still on the fence. Should I go with a more "theme-less" bedding so I can change things up for years to come? I mean, what happens if he falls in love with rocket ships in 2 years...? What then? My pocket cannot afford to change things up that often...

Thoughts, please... It is so hard to make a little boys room look cute. If I had a girl I would not even be asking for tips, I would be posting pictures of a sassy little room...

pictures taken from The Company Store


  1. Ok, you know I was going to spout my big mouth off at this one. Ha! HA! Love the bedding. If you're looking at doing this the most economical way - because you're right - he may like rockets or dinasoars next year - I would keep the main comforter basic as well as your paint choices. I would then focus the two wheeled love on accesories and sheets. I would pick up the sham and sheets from this store and then accessorize with Hobby Lobby. Plus, you could paint fun stuff. I'd keep the most expensive componants (comforter & paint) neutral so it will be easy to change when you want something new. Just my humble opinion. :o)

    I can't wait to re-do the boys room when they move in together and Ruby Jane's. I already have a folder of ideas! I'm a goober.

  2. Cute! I like it, I need to get Alex a twin bed so I can use the toddler bed for a baby bed.

    I looked everywhere for motorcycles but never saw this one!

  3. I agree with Kacey. Even just the pillowcase is usually enough to set a theme in motion, and make any little boy happy! Pick paint colours from the design, but keep in adaptable. Have fun with motorcycle paraphernalia, but keep it simple.

    And WHAT is Hobby Lobby!? Sounds like yet another incredible store we need in Canada!

  4. I definitely think you should go more theme-less. It is always easy to throw some themed pillows and accessories in it to make it just right for the age without spending a couple hundred dollars on new bedding when it isn't needed.

    That stuff is cute though. I bet there are some great accessories you could use!

  5. Cute bedding! I think Theme-less as well, I like to get inspiration from Pottery Barn kids. I love how they take regular plaid prints and throw a theme blanket in the mix usually folded at the end of the bed just as an extra. So classic and oh so cute.


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