Saturday, October 11, 2008

20 Things I Have Learned...

  1. Never say Never, especially when you are saying that "your children will never wear character clothes!" Mason is hooked on Lightning McQueen- he likes to layer and wear two or three Lightning shirts at the same time...
  2. If you need something, just ASK.
  3. Do not expect "people " to have the same expectations as you...
  4. Never let people borrow stuff, unless you can afford to give to them instead of let them borrow....
  5. I need to pray more than I do.
  6. I am so thankful for who I am.
  7. I am so thankful for who my husband is and for how much he loves me.
  8. I am thankful to have a healthy child.
  9. I have a wonderful family {on both sides.}
  10. Not to be jealous of other people.
  11. Not to sweat the small stuff.
  12. God never gives us more that we can handle.
  13. My parents are saints- I cannot believe I am still alive after what I put them through {adolescent years}....
  14. Not to be so critical of myself.
  15. I cannot spell.
  16. I should read my bible more than I do.
  17. I only like my towels folded a certain way- CrAzY, yes I know.... I will refold them if they are done wrong... ( that comes from my Mom)
  18. I spend too much time blogging... (but today my house work is all done, the kiddo is napping so I could not help myself.)
  19. Never to talk about politics- Never! I even quit putting bumper stickers on my car- it always seems to start a conversation that I do not want to be in...
  20. Sometimes I say things out loud that I was only thinking... Then I think- "Oopse!"

Okay, I am starting my own super annoying "blog chain tag thing..." I am tagging Kacey, Amanda, Rachel, Angie, Andrea & Joanne! Have fun ladies...


  1. Cute about the character shirts! I swore off character shoes when Matt was a baby and did really well with it until Alex came along and I wanted to buy him water shoes to play outside and go to the pool with, so ofcourse, all children's water shoes have characters on them, after that, he fell in love with stuff on his feet! I still hate them.

  2. Girl - I have to agree with the towel thing - me too!

  3. So funny, when you left a comment on my blog, I thought your screen name was something french! Translated into something about "Our Home" or something. It wasn't until I came to your page that I realized it was your names!

    I love your etsy site and am seriously considering ordering some of your jewelry for grandma gifts this christmas. I love the custom charm bracelet that you made.

  4. Several of those apply to me too..I wont say which...rofl. Love the new header Ms. RAchel did...she rocks. cherry

  5. Great list! :) I am with you on the character shirts. :)

  6. Great list! I am soo with you on just about every single one! :)

  7. Dont feel bad. I cant spell either, spellcheck has ruined me. And I will do ANYTHING to avoid talking politics. :)

  8. OMG. I'm tagged? Oi vey. People are so going to make fun of me. :o)

  9. You have such a cute blog. Did you do the design yourself? If so, that would mean you are also a phenomenal digi scrapbooker :).

    Your list made me thankful for both of my awesome families and sad that my both sets of parents are living over seas right now. Well, happy that they are having great experiences, but sad that I miss them. Anyway... loved the list.

    If you aren't already aware... Girl's Night Out is tonight. Join us for our virtual soiree. You mentioned you spend way too much time on the computer already, but Twitter is something that you can spend 5 minutes or more doing. You choose. Also, it is a fun way to meet folks. Just RSVP if you want to come. We hold them every Tuesday night.

    Chat soon...


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