Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Big Boy

Monday I had Mason at the Doctor for his 2 year check up. It is sad because he is starting to recognize what the doctor visits mean... We pulled up in the parking lot and before I even had the car in park he was saying, "no, no" and shaking his head. I convinced him that it would be fine and we walked in {he is all about walking like a big boy- I hardly get to carry him}.

Once we got in he was fine in the waiting room playing with the other kids and flirting with the little girls... Curt taught Mason a new trick. I was signing him in and I hear, "hey girl!" I look down and this little girl is standing next to Mason and he was totally flirting with her... Silly bug! He never ceases to amaze me with what comes out of his mouth.

Anyways, back on track... It was our turn and he screamed the whole way back to the room and until the doctor came in. I switched Pediatritions, the other one we had was a teaching doctor {which I am not opposed to} he always had students learning from him and it made the appointment take twice as long. It was quite irritating and it wore Mason out. So, the new doctor came in and was talking to Mason, he listened to all of the crazy stuff I ask when we go for a check up and he took his time answering me, I never felt rushed and he acted as if he had all day long just to talk to me and play with Mason. I felt like I was in doctor heaven. I am so glad we made the switch, Mason was happier, I was happier thus the whole day went alot smoother... Until the shots... That was pretty much horrible. He only had one shot, but I opted for the mercury free nasal spray flu shot, so the nurse had to shoot it up his nose and then I had to hold him down while it soaked in and she was poking his little leg at the same time... I hate holding him down, he always looks at me like, "why mom?" Oh well, we made it through and Mason is super strong and growing like a weed. div>

Mason Stats

Weight 32 lbs

Height 36 1/2 inches

Head 50 1/2 cm

I was trying to get a picture of Mason. Do not feel sorry for him, feel sorry for his Mama who just wanted a cute little picture of her little man... He was on strike here, not in trouble or anything, just on strike.... He is soooo 2!

Oh yes, you do not need to adjust your computer screen. He is dipping a lemon into his salsa and he actually ate it. I did not promote this, I just had to take a picture though for the books... Does this mean he has a vitamin deficency?


  1. Glad you love your new doctor - it makes a world of difference. Doctor's appointments are never any fun with the kiddos but if the doctor is nice then it makes it a little easier. I'm grabbing your new sassy button! LOVE IT!

  2. I love the new blog look! She did a great job!

    I always hate those visits where you feel like the bad guy and have to let your little buddy cry.

  3. Lemon in salsa--wow! Well, at least you know his sinuses are clear!

    Cute pics! He is so darling! Glad you like the new doc--that's so important!


  4. It is so hard when they get big! The nice thing is that as he gets older it is easier to bribe them! A nice treat after the dr appt helps everyone!!

  5. I love my ped's doctor! Having a great dr. makes all the difference in the world. And lemon's with salsa, is Mr. Mason starting a new food trend here. ;) Cute little man.


  6. do you want to hear something crazy??????? My son, Mason, does THE EXACT SAME THING - at Chili's!!!!!! Crazy!!!!!

  7. Lemon in salsa. Oh, that's cute & funny!!!!!!!!!!!!! He looks sweet even on strike.


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