Wednesday, July 1, 2009

WW- Real Pictures of Us!!!

Hello and a Wonderful Wordful Wednesday to all of you....

Head over to see other fabulous pictures at Angie's blog...

This week, I wanted to share my photo editing secrets with you all.... I am sure they are not secrets, but I thought I would share anyways... I do not have Photo Shop, or a mac, so I use a FREE online editing program called

This is a "before" picture of my "large and in charge" self yesterday at the bank drive through... I dare not show you my face, it is HUGE and swollen.
I just cropped it a bit, added text, an arrow and faded it a bit around the edges... Easy peasey! Oh, and it is FREE!

This is a picture of Mason at the same bank drive through... Please do not look at the stains on the car seat... I asked him to smile and this is the sweet face he gave me... I love him soooo much...

On this one I added a 60's finish, some text, and faded out everything but his sweet face... After all, that is the best part of this picture anyways, RIGHT?

So, if you are none too savvy with Photo Shop and you do not have any other fabulous programs or want to fool with learning how to use them. Head on over to Picnik and check it out... Like I said, it is FREE and EASY!

I feel like I have been deprived since I have been with out a battery charger. But, not to worry, I will be back to posting lovely pics of my sweet and beautiful family this afternoon. Also, I made some fun things for the baby and I cannot wait to show you all...

Stay Tuned


  1. I absolutely love I actually have an older version of Photo shop elements on my other computer but I stopped using it because picnik was so quick and easy to use.

  2. how fun! I have been looking for a way to edit my pics! I'll head over there now!

    Have a safe and wonderful 4th!

  3. I love the belly - its so fun to be pregnant, while it lasts. I hope you are feeling well. Mason is such a cutie and that sweet face.... too cute. I can't wait to see what your new cutie will look like! I hope you love having 2 boys as much as I do - it is perfect!!!

  4. Alright - that belly is just too darn cute! I can't wait to meet Miles! He will be here before we know it!


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