Monday, July 27, 2009

Hit Your Knees

My friends, you have heard me talk about baby Stellan before. He is sick, bad sick, once again. I sat here just a few minutes ago weeping over my lap top for this sweet little boy (while my healthy little boy lies sleeping and dreaming sweet thoughts in his bed upstairs) whom I do not even know, but have watched and prayed for since before he was born. I believe that God hears prayers, I believe that HE answers prayers (in the fashion that is his own.) I believe that if we all pray for Stellan and his family HIS will will be done.

Please my friends, HIT YOUR KNEES, or however you do it and send a shout out the Father above on Stellans behalf...

Prayers for Stellan

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  1. I stumble on your blog from blog frog. I will be back. {grin} I have been praying all day for this sweet boy.


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