Friday, July 10, 2009

PSF- Lossing it.

PhotoStory Friday
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This is Mason. He is not happy.

Here's a little background for you.

Yesterday, we went walking around the neighborhood. He decided he wanted to stop and see his new friend {J}. I told him that would be okay. He rang the doorbell, and waited and waited and then rang it again. I assured him they were not home and we would call {J's} Mom to see if he could play this weekend.

Boy, that did not go over well. He proceeded, as I pretended to walk away with out him (silly me, thinking this would work) to sit on the porch of {J's} house and cry for him. I knew he was tired, but I had no idea how bad. I finally had to go back and get him off of their porch so they would not come home and think we were the "weird neighbors..."

He did that totally irritating 2 year old thing where he turns into a noodle/ pile of mush in the road and refuses to walk. I had to end up carrying him and his bike all the way home (only 6 or 7 houses) but it seemed like 2 miles.

He had to spend some time in the naughty chair thinking about it when we got home, which he thought was the worst thing in the world...

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  1. i love it! great shot...and i love the pile of mush too! only bc it's not my kid, of course.


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