Friday, July 10, 2009

One Sweet Dino

Yesterday, I got crafty.
A trip to Hobby Lobby will do that to ya.

We have some friends coming into town at the end of the month and I wanted to make matchy- matchy shirts for Mason and his long lost buddy!
He thought it was pretty cool. He wanted to wear it right away...

I let him be my model. I would give him a 9, since I got this cute picture out of it.

Of course it was inspected very well...

What do you think...?
I am making one for my niece next with a butterfly.

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  1. That is super cute!!! Do you just iron it on??? I can do that. I will have to go check out Hobby Lobby!!

  2. Nope, I made and cut the dino pattern myself- free hand. then I bought all seperate supplies. The pattern and cutting took the longes and getting the ric rac as the back took a while. But total work was about 1.5 hrs. yes, i bet you totally could do it too!

  3. so cute! Here’s my photo story. happy Friday!

  4. So cute! I wish I was that crafty!

  5. I am impressed! The shirt turned out great! Have fun with the visit and I hope you post pictures of the kids side by side! :)

  6. Good job. I like the inspection picture.

  7. Gosh darn - you are SO creative! I NEED to just leave my sewing machine out so I can do stuff like that! What do you put on the back, anything?


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