Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sorority Jewels

Yes, I know, most of you are not still in college or looking for a sorority necklace. This is just what I named it because I only sell the sorority version in a local shop here in Murfreesboro... It is special just for them. I can do most sorority symbols.

But, if you like the small simple style, you could always change it up a bit to your liking. How about "MOM" on the pea sized tag and a first initial for each of your kiddos... I can fit 4 letters or numbers on the pea sized tag with the standard font and more with my small font.

E-Mail me if you are interested in a personalized version.

Please E-Mail Mesh Boutique at They would be happy to take your order...

I am on a strict 2 week waiting period until November 1st after the baby is born... I am set to induce on September 8th. After November 1, I will do my best to accommodate all rush orders...

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