Monday, June 29, 2009

For Real.

OK, to my great surprise, my hubbie does read this blog. I mean, I thought he might come across it sometimes, but he reads it when he is at work... So that leads me to this post... I have to let y'all know, he is NOT by any means a lazy husband. He actually works very hard. I {personally} just think that sometimes he gets a bit.... spoiled. I know I am not the only wife in the world that cleans up after her husband and her children. I know that is my job- to keep my household in order and keep things running smoothly- I KNOW! I actually love the job, it is just that sometimes one can feel.... taken advantage of... Ya know? I will not go into it again and name all of the things that drive me nut-so, but what I will do is name all of the hard working things hubbs has done lately {since all of the hot-rods are missing from our garage}.

- fix the toilet paper roll (broken 4 months)
- fix a broken faucet out side (with the help of my lovely mother-in-law)
- mowed the lawn (on a weekly basis)
- Built shelves in Masons closet
- Spent at least 2 long hot hours hunting for baby clothes in the attic- It is hot in Tennessee!
- Spent another few hours taking the stuff back up that I decided I do not want.
- Changed the oil in both cars.
- He says he will be pressure washing the house & drive way in the next 2 weeks...
- Not to mention for the past 2.5 years he has worked at night while we sleep only to come home and watch Mason while I work in the mornings.... That is a BIG one if you ask me...

So, while he may send my head spinning off of my shoulders sometimes because he fails to do the little things, the man does some hard work. I bet it drives him crazy that my "gender" roll thinking self decided that I do not do yard work in the 90 degree summer. I guess I will settle with putting the lid back on the tooth paste, taking the trash out sometimes, picking up after his and Masons play sessions, and loading dishes I know could have been easily loaded already. (OOpse, I said I was not going to mention those things again... My bad).

I do have a pretty great life, I guess sometimes it is just easy to get side-tracked and think of the small, petty things that drive me nuts. I have decided I will NOT be letting ANY of those things get under my skin for at least the next week...

One small step at a time....

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  1. One small step at a time. LOL Too funny. The other day Ryder and I were outside playing and our neighbor was mowing her lawn - Ryder said "Mommy, why is that Mommy on the lawnmower?" He was TOTALLY perplexed - as he should be. That is Daddy's job. ;D I'm just sayin'.


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