Wednesday, June 3, 2009

{Summer Projects}

Of course my sewing machine is broken, poor thing. I think I gave it a little too much hell. Oh well, I need to get it to the shop, or check and see if it has a warranty, I just got it for Christmas.

Lately, because my machine is broken, I have been craving a new project. Of course, I headed to see Ms. Martha and all of her lovely ideas.

These are the lovelies I will be dreaming of until my machine is fixed...

Bias Tape Organizer Tote

I am in love with this tote. I need it, so I must make it... It looks so great to slip down in my purse with all of the papers and junk I am always carrying around.... Planning a trip? Tuck away your passport, directions, maps, agendas or whatever you fancy...

These would be just dandy to take to the pool, beach or just to use in the bathroom. Since I am pregnant I am always thinking of ways to get comfortable. I could use these on the plastic chairs at the pool- my back would appreciate me. Plus, I definitely have some towels that need to be recycled. You could always think ahead and get some clearance beach towels at the end of summer and make some and put them up... These would also make a great neck pillow for the HUGE master bath tub I have that has not seen me in quite some time... I miss my long (quiet) baths.

Terry Cloth Caddy
I would also like one of these , Please!
Not only would one of these be great for my bathroom, they would make great Christmas gifts.... You could make one and stuff it with fun bath stuff... Great for a man or woman...

Can you tell that I like terry-cloth?
Mason needs one of these, I am sure the one I make will have spider man on it or something un-cute like that... Would it not be so easy to wrap all of the pool toys up in that when headed to the pool. Plus after it is clean, just re-stuff it with needed goodies and you will be ready to go!

Will you be making any summer projects??? Please share with me... I love hand made...


  1. love the towel tote!!!! i might have to sew one up!!!

  2. Okay I'm with Mommaof4wife2r that towel tote is serious genius!

    This summer I am going to attempt some dresses for my girls that look matilda jane-ish


  3. I really love these projects - good luck. I'm going to make me an apron next, then hooded beach towels. Wish me good luck - I'm not the best at this!!

  4. I'm with them - the towel tote is AWESOME!! I have a froggy towel that has seen better days anyway. You find the coolest home-made ideas!! So adorable. Hope your machine gets fixed, soon! I just need some motivation...


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