Friday, June 19, 2009

{ETSY love- baby style}

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I am a lover of all things "hand-made." My love affair started about 2 years ago when my friend Kacey and I found ETSY. Every now and then, I try and make things on my own, but when I come across something I want/need and I know it is over my head or I do not have the time to even try, I head on over to etsy.

I am 28 weeks pregnant today and so my search is on for "must have" baby items that I never got or ever knew I "needed" with Mason....

My first search was for a baby sling. When I had Mason one of out relatives let me borrow her carrier and Mason went everywhere in it. But she needed it back when she had another baby. So, this is a need. I NEED a carrier to carry Miles in that I can still use my hands and he can feel safe and snug and close to his Mama.

I logged into ETSY and searched "baby sling" and look at what I found... I just love this jersey knit HAND-MADE sling by Lovey Duds. I have picked out my two favorite styles for a boy, but boy-o-boy does she have the most beautiful fabric for girls... I am loving the Amy Butler fabrics that she uses.... But, I am having a boy, so he must ride in style like all little dudes would want to!

* Camo- need I say more... I bet I could even get Curt to use this one....
* Did I mention that they are reversible...
*If you do not like print and just want something that is one color, she has those as well...

Of course this one is my Fav-O-Rite!!! I just love it. The price is affordable and you can wear it in a ton of different ways.... And, it comes with an instructional DVD! How convenient!

Lovey Duds, also has blankets, birth cloths and nursing covers.... Oh- MY!

I am so happy to have found this site... Now, my little man can ride in style, be close to his Mama, and his Mama can multi-task...

In my oppinion, hand-made gifts are so wonderful to give and recieve. Even if you did not make it, someone did. They took their time to used their own hands to make a product just for you!!!
*** Coming next week, more products for Mom & baby. One of which I actually made all on my own- the others will be from ETSY!
Please tell me what your favortie mom/baby products are...


  1. Oh the things that are available nowadays :) Here’s my photo story happy Friday!

  2. I absolutely have a favorite that I didn't discover until the 2nd go around - I could not have lived without it. It helped Owen sleep SO WELL! I can't tell you what it is - you just might get one soon!!!

  3. Oh - thanks for the links.....a sling is on my NEED list this time around too! I've never worn one before so I have no clue what I'm looking for, but obviously you do - so I'm going with your ideas :-) Thanks a million!

  4. i have sling love...and these are fab!

  5. Oooh! Bbay planning...I Love it...miss it even a little. ;D I LOVE the brown and blue sling. And girl, you know a Mommy must have for me is the Bebe Angel Monitor. That thing was my saving grace! And I LOVE all things monogrammed for baby. I need to get Ruby Jane a few monogrammed things for her b-day I'm thinking...Handmade rocks!

  6. Oh! You HAVE to get the Boon Spoon too when Miles starts to eat food - I LOVED that thing...

  7. oh, so many many things. I loved the sleeping gowns so I didn't have to do buttons or zippers for middle of the night diaper changes. I loved the boppy pillow for breastfeeding, and I couldn't have lived without good swaddling blankets (lifesavers!). My baby's only 6 months old, but I sure miss those brand new days. I'm so excited for you!!

  8. I LOVED my ring sling. I wasn't sure about the Moby wrap - if I really wanted that much wrapping effort, or wanted to hold the heat in. But the ring sling was just over the head, plop the kid in and go chase after the 3 year old. I also had one for the pool, and I'm still using it with her at 14 mo. She gets out and plays, obviously, it's just nice for when she's done walking and the big boy still wants to play.


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