Thursday, June 18, 2009

Funny Mason

Last night Mason and I were eating dinner.

Part of his dinner consisted of watermelon.

I finished mine and he had hardly touched his, so I reached over and grabbed a piece and put it in my mouth....

Mason looked at me and said:

"Spit it out Momma! That is mine watermelon."

I said:

"You were not eating it..."

Mason said:

"1........2....... time out Mommy, please spit it out now!"

I laughed and laughed until I could not laugh any more....

I love that he counted for me, it either shows he really pays attention, or that I have to count for him A LOT!

*** I have a lovely post scheduled for later, blogger has messed up what I saved so I have to fix it!

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  1. Aww, how sweet! Mason is such a cutie!! He was so funny today at Sloans, thanks to your hubby for helping me pick out a wonderful Father's Day present for my husband, now I'm wondering if he's worth it? LOL!


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