Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday's Tribute- Auntie Katie

Tuesday's Tribute
Tuesday- not a day I blog on- lately!
I am with out a camera- so I am sorry for not sharing pictures with you.
This Tuesday I am paying tribute to my sweet sister, Katie.
Today is her day in the spotlight.
Katie is:
A great sister.
We never got along growing up- NEVER!
She was 5 years younger and way too un-cool for me.
I knew she could not cross the street, so I would run as fast as I could out of the yard to my friend's house to get away from her only to look back at her standing at the road crying.
I am pretty sure I gave her a hard time- way to often.
Sometimes I would let her wear my clothes and sometimes I would fix her hair and make up.
I wish now I would have spent more time doing things like that with her.
Because a sister is a friend that never goes away.
You see-
No matter how ugly I was to her growing up, she still loves me.
We talk on the phone weekly, sometimes more.
She adores Mason, her first nephew.
She is beautiful, I must get a picture soon and post it.
She is a great interior decorator.
She makes the most amazing cakes.
She is a bit of a neat freak and for some reason decided to get a white/cream rug to put in her living room.
She only lets the elderly walk on the rug with their shoes on- she's nice like that.
She has a darling husband- who adores her.
She takes everything seriously, but she can party like no body's business.
She is sassy and has a tough skin- I must say I think she gets it from all the years of torture I put her through.
She is a lot like our Mom, more than she knows. That, however is not a bad thing. We have a great Mom.
She is going to be a MOM!!!!
* she secretly wants twins... crazy girl
Congratulations Katie~ I love you, even though you do not let me walk on your rug with shoes....
I secretly did it one time and I loved it.... I guess the cats out of the bag on that one....
You will be a GREAT MOM, I just know it.


  1. YAY for little miss Katie!!!! I so remember her with that cute little smile and that long, blonde curly hair. She is such a pretty girl, and I do need to see a recent pic because I just remember her as a baby and now she is all grown up!

    Wow, your parents must be in baby heaven... or baby overload, not sure which! No, I'm sure they are loving it.

  2. Aw, congratulations to your sister. I'm glad to hear the two of you have a good relationship. And being an aunt is so much fun! :D

  3. seeing that my girls don't get along, maybe they will like each other like the two of you when they are older. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  4. What a great tribute to your expecting sister. Congrats on being an aunt here soon.......how are you feeling anyway?


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