Friday, June 26, 2009

Am I?

Am I:

- the only one who can get the clothes from the floor to the hamper?
- the only one who can tell when there are dirty dishes in the dish washer?
- the only one who can clean {thousands} of small cars off of the floor?
- the only one who can decide when the trash can is too full and needs to be taken out?
- the only one who can replenish the paper towel/ toilet paper rolls?

Am I?

An inquiring mind would like to know... Not complaining, just asking a few simple questions...

* reason for this rant might have something to do with the watermelon size bulge hanging over my waist... Makes it a little hard to bend...


  1. Preach it sista! My advice? Just chill. None of that stuff is worth you NOT resting when you should be. That is what is important - your rest! Plus, when the trash starts to overflow onto the floor, countertops and such, my hope would be Curt would finally notice. LOL A girl can hope right? ;D

  2. LOL. No, you're not the only one....all WOMEN are the "only" ones. Seriously. They.don' so they say. Yoi.

  3. You really make me laugh! You are SO NOT the only one!!! I feel you on most all of those things.

    And yes, we will be there July 26. What is your schedule like? Maybe I can come see you for a day?? Let me know!!

  4. Ah, so true. we dont have any kids here yet and it has already started in my house! I think you can see my blog from this. Love ya.


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